Makes the Child Creative and Supports Problem Solving Nature

The schools should make Trekking Programmes compulsory because it benefits the children in different ways. Teaching children about natural world should be considered as the most important thing. We are happy because some schools have joined our trekking programmes and trek with “Himalayan Hikers” regularly.

Practical knowledge is Necessary

  • It is very important for a child to see the world which lies beyond the technology. In today’s world everybody is so much busy in their lives that giving time or looking forward to anything beyond ourselves is the hardest task.
  • In this busy life we forget to make children aware of the surroundings and environment, sending them school for education is good but the knowledge they are getting is theoretical and for better understanding of Life, practical knowledge is necessary which they can be gained by experiencing new things. The books can teach them the lesson but the experience can make them learn.

Why Trekking is good for Children?

Better Understanding of Nature

  • Children are taught about preserving the environment and the methods they should use to maintain the balance. But, the reality is, a student only reads and learns the chapter to pass in exams, they do this because they have never been close to Nature and only read it in books.
  • If you want your child to know the importance of environment then it is very important to take him to a place where he can understand and experience the beauty of nature. When children go on a trek they live outside for some days away from their houses and gadgets, then they start observing the refined nature which makes them understand in a far better way.

The Confidence Boosts Up

  • Not every person is raised confident, the problem is children start underestimating themselves without letting anybody know and in future they lack confidence. Most of the students are not confident and the reason can be any; getting less marks or losing in a competition etc.
  • When they are on a trek they become responsible for themselves and have to cover the destination marked, despite the challenges when the destination is reached the confidence automatically boosts up. The child overcomes the fear of failure and tries, the risks and challenges teaches them to be bold and confident in order to succeed.

Makes the Child Creative and Supports Problem Solving Nature

  • While trekking there are several activities which are done on a trek, in the freshness of environment and away from daily routine the mind works in a better manner with more ideas. Introducing them to other side of the world enhances Innovation and Creativity.
  • While living in camps under the guidance of their parents/teachers and professional guide they are only provided basic necessities using which they have to live sometimes the problems arises, without running away from the problems they have to solve them on their own which improves their problem solving nature.

Improves Relationships

  • The problem noticed in many children are that they do not get socially involved and lack communication. It badly affects the nature of a person if not solved on time, relationships are a very important part of life whether they are personal or social.
  • Trekking improves relationships, children stay together for some days with basic necessities they are not provided gadgets so they are only left with one option to communicate with mates. This communication reduces the gap and makes the bonding strong by changing the mindset of not communicating with others.

Refreshes the Mind

  • Trekking is a recreational activity which is important for children as it reduces stress and allows the positive vibes to flow inn because the serene environment helps in gaining peace.
  • The pleasing views and confidence which is boosted during the journey helps the mind in believing the good side of everything which helps a child in refreshing from daily activities. It benefits in studies and in maintaining the balance.

Improves Management and Develops Team Spirit

  • Management is a crucial part of lives because without proper management no work can be done right. This term is applied everywhere from schools to corporate and homes, having good managerial skills means you have chances to excel in your field.
  • In a trek these skills improve and enhances because particular schedule with mates is followed for some days in outdoors, the children are given different responsibilities which they manage and perform. When a group of students go on trekking they have to mutually perform activities in a friendly manner which enhances the team spirit amongst all and helps in coping up with each other.
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