Bird Watch

Bird Watching

September 11, 2018
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Birds are one of the most beautiful creatures

Bird watching is the study of birds, it is for the enthusiasts who love to explore the aesthetics of nature. Birds are one of the most beautiful creatures on Earth, colored in different ways. Every specie of bird has its own unique color, shape and size, their melodious voices are calls and songs in their language which are hard to understand by the humans.

Bird Watching

Bird watching is a recreational activity

Bird watching is a recreational activity or can be done for any purpose like photography, videography, and scientific study or just for pleasure. Carry binoculars for observing birds clearly and it can also be done through telescope or naked eyes but it needs a lot patience and persistence. This activity is mostly performed in the developed countries and there are many avid bird watchers in the history of Bird watching and a fabulous book John Gooders “Where to watch birds” became the bestseller. Then these practices were enhanced and was done in more efficient manner by covering larger areas to find different species of birds.

Bird Watching

Bird watching in India

Around 10,000 species are found all over the world. 1,250 of them are found in India and 50% of them are present in Garhwal Himalayan region. Here are many National Parks and Sanctuaries which are a birdwatcher’s delight.

“Uttarakhand” Paradise for Bird watching

50% of species are present in Uttarakhand and this place has avocational diversity which makes it a paradise for birding. On every second Saturday of May “National Migratory Birds Day” is celebrated in Uttarakhand, it is the major attraction for the bird enthusiasts and for the people who love to witness the pretty sights of birds flocking.

Bird Watching

\The Garhwal Himalayan region is highly rich in Flora and Fauna and has got surpassing sights, Bird watching becomes the cherry on top as observing the diverse species in idyllic places becomes very interesting.

Bird watching with “Himalayan Hikers”

People who love to explore the aesthetics, we help them exploring in a better way. With a large variety of treks we are also offering “Bird watching” an amusing activity which can also be done during the treks.

As we go to high altitude places, wealthy in Flora and Fauna you can find the diverse species of birds there. The photographers can capture them in their lenses and grab some of the best shots or you can just simply stare at their colorful beauty.

Bird Watching

We also organize special packages for “Bird watching” for information of the packages you can directly contact – 7579143813 (Mr. Kuldeep Rawat) (Marketing Manager)

Ethics of Bird watching

Observe the birds peacefully do not disturb or harass them.
Do not destroy their nests or touch their eggs.

Instead of large groups go in small groups

Leave no item which will harm the birds or animals.

You need to be very careful during breeding season of birds.

Do not be very loud or use sound tapes.

Rare species found in Himalayan region

Himalayan Monal “State Bird of Uttarakhand”

Himalayan Quail

Himalayan Snowcock

Western Tragopan

Blyth’s Tragopan

Kashmir Nuthatch

Kashmir Flycatcher

Places for Bird watching in Garhwal

Har Ki Dun, Changsheel, Ruinsara Taal and treks which are in Govind Pashu Vihar National Park

Maldevta Thano – Dehradun

Chakrata koti kanasar – Dehradun

Mussoorie Benog,Suwakholi, Dhanaulti

Khirsu – Pauri Garhwal

Asan Timli – Dehradun

Agora, Barsu, Dayara – Uttarkashi

Devalsari Magra – Tehri Garhwal

Chilla Rajaji National Park – Dehradun and Pauri Garhwal

Deoriatal Chopta/ Rudraprayag

Bird Watching

Written by – Tulika Negi

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