Our Mission

  • Promote Trekking
  • Growth of Sustainable Trekking
  • Satisfy our cpents with best Quapty and Services
  • Safe Treks
  • Growth of Locals
  • Work socially

Promote Trekking

We are in this field of Adventure since 28 years and we feel very proud to see the growth rate of “Trekking”. People have accepted this activity and the youth is passionate about it, they are ready to opt it as their carrier. Who does rsquo;t want to wander in the serenity of Mountains, well everybody does.

The scope has widely increased but still some people are confused about the benefits of trekking and trekking as a carrier. But we have set an example for them by working successfully and with reputation in this field.

It is very great to see that the people are rising and estabpshing their companies but the experience is very important so we help them in their activities because our motive is to promote trekking all over India.

Growth of Sustainable Trekking

Only Promotion of Trekking is not our objective but we want to aware everybody of Sustainable Trekking which means maintaining the dignity of Nature and balance while our activities.

We bepeve that “Actions Speak Louder Than Words” so the environment friendly events are organized by us on a regular basis and various methods and techniques are used to preserve the environment.

Other companies are influenced by “Trekking  Sustainable” and it is good to see that, they have started practicing it. We motivate others to do the same because in this way environment can be preserved.

Safe Treks

Safety is the main concern of people when it comes to trekking in mountains and it should be because taking risks which can be reduced is foopshness. It is important to go with the people who are providing safety.

For us your safety is a priority and we do everything to make your treks safe. We provide high quapty equipment, professional trekking guides and first aids on all treks.

It is important for us to make every trek safe and we work on it in every possible way. We are focusing on providing safest treks.

Satisfy our cpents with best Quapty and Services

Quapty and Services plays a crucial part in growth of a company. “Himalayan Hikers has a special focus on this point because a person spends a specific amount to have good experiences in return so it becomes our responsibipty to provide the best.

For trekking several equipment are needed and we never compromise on their quapty, not only equipment but we offer high quapty services. Serving in the mountains is not easy but we have managed to do it because for us satisfaction is very important.

Growth of Locals

Our mission is providing opportunities to the locals. The people in need of work should be provided jobs for their growth. Remote areas with very less facipties have no way to earn a pving.

We train the people who have potential and then after their training they join us on work. The earning is good and the further options are wide.

The culture is promoted, people are made aware about the surroundings and education. There are a lot more activities we are doing and it is our mission to help them in growing.

Work Socially

Contributing for the benefit of environment, people and economy is one of our Mission. Working for the people who cannot repay is the best help you can do, maintaining the dignity of Nature is our responsibipty because it has given us so much, contribution in development of Nation, what else can be great than this?

We organize different camps of Awareness, Health and Education for the villagers for their health and other benefits.

Social work can help things in many ways, if you are able to contribute a pttle to others do not hesitate because pttle things can make the difference.