Choose a Trekking Company Wisely

  • In India the scope of trekking has widely increased with rise in number of trekking companies. Among these wide options it becomes difficult to make a choice. Obviously, everybody needs stress free time with good experiences to break the monotony and trekking is the best amongst every option to rejuvenate. For unforgettable memories and beautiful experiences you need to be very careful while make the choice of a company.
  • Many trekkers have complaints about the negative situations which arise during their treks, it is due to their bad choice of a company. A single mistake can risk your life, traversing mountains looks all fun and adventure but consist of risks, still these mistakes are committed repeatedly.
  • Most of the people focus on saving money and unknowingly neglect their Safety. They go with the lowest cost offered but don’t understand that setting lower cost than others is a trick to attract people which causes them problem during their treks. The Experience, Quality of Service and Safety which an organisation offer matters the most.

Being in the field of Adventure and with our experience and vast knowledge we want to guide people so that no one faces problems related to trekking.

Book your treks only after carefully analysing the company. We also want you to experience the best and build good memories. So by providing the guidelines, our mission is to create awareness and reduce the number of accidents.

The Things Mentioned Below are Very Important


  • Registration of the Company


A company to be legal should have a government license and needs to be registered with any of these organisations –


  • Ministry of Tourism
  • Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF)
  • Adventure Tour Operators Association of India (ATOAI)


Check, if the company is registered or not before booking your trek or any Adventure activity


  • A Trekking Company should Hold a Good Experience


In Mountains Experience matters the most because the skills are gained after practicing and a company should know about the way of serving in risky areas for safety measures. It is important to ask for the proof of when and how they established the organisation and about the qualification in Mountaineering courses. You should be aware of the details before booking a trek.


  • Trek Cost


Prior booking directly ask about the things included and excluded in package cost. Once you have registered for your trek there should be no hidden charges applicable. Setting of the cost can be high or low it totally depends on the company, the Safety, Quality and Service doesn’t depend on the cost factor there are other different things which needs to be analysed.


  • Choose a company which offers Safety


Everyone is concerned with their “Safety” and it is the most important thing because in mountains there are enormous risks associated. Check on how much safe a trek is and how much more it can be. Safety should be a priority for the working organisations because small mistakes can risk your life.


  • Go with Trek Organisers instead of Trekking Agencies


For people it is hard to understand the difference between them. The organisers directly organise proper treks, but the agencies transfer the booking to the organisers by charging a good amount of commission on the trek fee. With them the refund and flexibility in dates is not possible but with trek organizers advantage is Refund and flexibility in dates is possible


  • A Company should have Professional Staff


In a Trekking company the guides should be professionals with the certification in Mountaineering Courses (Advance or Basic). It is important for the safety and smooth handling of problems. Do not hesitate to ask about the professionalism of a company and qualification of the team which will go along the trek. Under the proper guidance treks run very smooth with minimal risks.


  • Eco Friendly Trekking


Choose the company who follows eco- friendly rules and plans trekking activities sustainably because preserving Nature is our responsibility and if we are going to harm it then who is going to care? The companies should think for the benefit of environment and people in those places to maintain the proper balance. So go with the companies who treks sustainably.


  • Company with a Good Reputation and Reviews


Only those companies are reputed who provides safety and good quality of service no matter what the cost they have set. The reviews help in knowing the experiences of people who have already taken their services, they can be negative and positive so it gets easier to know more about the company