Kuldeep Rawat

Tips from Trekking Expert

By Co Founder Kuldeep Rawat: –

Being from a small village Sankri of Uttarkashi in Uttarakhand, love for Nature and mountains has always been in my heart and soul. I’ve covered 11 years in the trekking industry and whenever I look back, the flashback of all the good memories which I got from exploring the Himalayas gets inexplicable because the moments can only be felt and it is very hard to express them in words.

My experience of life:

Since childhood this never ending love kept me close to the mountains and the heart provoked my thoughts to do everything good for their betterment. There was one more thing on my mind that enjoyment in life is necessary and every moment should be lived to the fullest. After completing my school education there was a realization that job is not my cup of tea and I wanted to do something different. Then the founder of “Himalayan Hikers” Mr. Bhagat Singh Rawat asked about my future plans and my answer was –

“I only want to work in the field of adventure. Trekking and Mountaineering is my passion; after pursuing this, betterment of villages and working with the villagers is going to be my priority because I want to stop them from migrating to other places in search of new jobs and good education.”

There is lack of jobs and education in the remote areas so people migrate to satisfy their needs. But, my family supported me in every aspect of life and they supported my decision to pursue the mountaineering courses from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering “NIM”. After completing the basic and advance course from there, Mr. Bhagat Singh started sending me with the groups as a trek leader. In 5 years I explored every trek with different people from different parts of the world and the experiences changed my perception to look at life and deep down I learnt one thing that “Experiences are the best teachers.”

The trekkers praised and wanted me as their trek leader on every trek, this thing motivated me a lot to keep doing the good work and even better. Today we have reached a platform where we do not compromise on the quality of services at any cost. We organize family treks, school trips, customized packages, fixed departures and other adventure activities as well. These adventures add flavors to your life.

Trekking is a Bliss

  • As there will be no networks you will get to know that materialistic things are really not important for living. The air, water, food and shelter are enough and their importance is much more than the gadgets. Cascading waterfalls, small streams flowing through the meadows, blooming flowers and camping under the sky full of stars and these experiences are important.
  • Do not disturb the environment and wildlife by being very loud or listening to loud music, take proper care of cleanliness and leave no trace. Keep the places unspoilt and let other also witness the unspoilt and untouched beauty.

From my experience I am telling all the trekkers to get themselves prepared for their treks, especially beginners:

  • First of all choose the right trekking company.

Note – Trekking is real fun but has associated risks and challenges, to overcome and conquer these problems choosing the right trekking company is important.

  • Trekking is a great adventure activity amongst all, to refresh and rejuvenate yourself go on treks with your family or friends. In the serenity of Himalayas nothing would look more beautiful and staying at camps will be a total different experience. Whenever you feel burdened then I suggest to go on treks away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Get Yourself Ready For the Treks

  • Before booking your trek do communicate over the phone because you can get more information than the website can provide.
  • There are grading of treks – Easy, Moderate and Difficult to Challenging choose according to your capability and fitness.
  • Whenever you feel like going on a trek, do not hesitate because nothing is difficult until you are confident. Just keep yourself physically and mentally fit.
  • If you are on a trek day by day, you can become fit and a good trekker on your own.
  • No one is born a mountaineer and everyone starts as a beginner, slowly the capabilities are increased.
  • To avoid problems on the trek, talk to your family doctor before coming on a trek because it may lead to something serious and cause problem to everybody.
  • Do bring your personal medical kit. (We carry medical kits but it is compulsory to carry your own)
  • During your trek do not hesitate to ask for any help from your guide.
  • The networks are intermittent so inform your family members or friends before coming on a trek.