Abhra Gupta

When you review a trekking company, you must also keep in mind why you chose it in the first place. I came to know about them because one of my good friend suggested me to join there. Firstly, these guys are NOT for the fussy people, in fact trekking as a sport is NOT suitable for the fussy and beta males. The Himalayan Hikers are in a league of their own. The guides are local and ARE total beasts at what they do. It is not a company for candyfloss people who throw money at companies expecting a luxurious itinerary in return. It is not one of those places. If you want to know the history behind each mountains, connect with the local culture, experience what hardship in the Himalayas actually means, Himalayan Hikers are at the top of the food chain. I had the chance to trek with Surender Rana, my guide during Kedarkantha. We started the summit at 3:45 am from BC. We were the first to reach the peak with the lowest duration. About the food, they have employed probably the best cooks from the valleys. I doubt if any other companies come close to them in terms of experience in trekking, cooking. The secretary, Shri Chain Singh, is what a gentleman and businessman should be. He eats his food with his employees. The guides and his subordinates respect him to the fullest. And maybe that is why Himalayan Hikers have such an incredible customer retention.

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  • Kuljeet singh

    Absolutely ture. Himalayas hikers are the boss here, oldest and reliable trekking company run by locals. Guides and team leaders are suitably trained and experienced.