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Say Yes to Trekking During Your Periods

Periods are natural and there is nothing about it to be ashamed of. These 5 days should not stop you from doing anything, they just need to be managed properly.

Whenever we talk about periods, the things which strikes the mind are; Cramps, Bleeding, Anxiety, Mood Swings Oh, it sounds painful!

Never let these things ruin your adventures and activities.

Cramps and Trekking

“I am a girl and like you I also go through the pain, bleeding and mood swings every month. In my case, the cramps are painful but the fresh air, soothing environment and my physical activities on a trek are seriously pain relieving”

So for you there is a chance that a hike and fresh air can make your days better. But, if you go through extreme pain and physical activities makes your periods more painful, then do have a seating with your gynaecologist for suggestions.

While Your Periods Carry These Things On A Trek

  • Enough Sanitary Pads or Tampons

-Carry sanitary pads or tampons with you. The pads are not degradable so they should not be disposed anywhere in nature because it will harm the environment. Carry a zip lock bag with you to keep used pads.

-If you don’t want to carry the used pads because of bad odour or any other reason then, do not hesitate to go for tampons. They are much more hygienic and easy to use. You only have to clean them with a tissue and some water. (Do not use wet wipes)

  • Sanitizer

-For hygiene do carry a sanitizer. Use it every time after changing pad to prevent infections. And, instead of your bag keep it in your pocket to use anytime.

  • Zip Lock Bag

-Keep your used pads or tampons in the zip lock bag, do sanitize your hands and move on. To prevent bad odour you can use the double zippered bag.

  • Medicines

Carry pain relievers prescribed by the doctor. Our trek leader carries a medical kit so you can also get painkillers from them.

The Most Important Things –

Do Not Hesitate:

On your trek, the leader can be a male or a female and it’s a humble request, if the trek is leaded by a male then there is no need to hesitate in seeking help. They are properly aware and are trained to deal with such situations.

You Just Need to Prepare Yourself:

Saying No to adventures just because of “Periods” is a bad idea because you never know what things you are going to miss. Remove this myth that trekking during periods is a taboo. The right preparation and right mind-set makes trekking at this time possible.

Written by – Tulika Negi