Trekking is an adventure which people do for the thrill and it has enormous risks associated, this factor cannot be terminated but can be reduced. Safety is one of the most important aspects and it is our responsibility to make your trek safe.

A person before coming on a trek should come mentally and physically prepared but some people commit the mistake of coming unprepared and they face problems while ascending to high altitude. You should be prepared but in case you get any injury or any sudden medical problem then we have a Mountaineering and Wilderness First Aid certified Trek leader.

We carry oxygen and first aid in all our treks. Many people ask about the signals on the trek, but there are no signals in the places which lies at high altitude, communication through phones is not possible so we carry radios to communicate with our team.

When it comes to Comfort we provide three times meal with soup and snacks in the evening, packed lunch is also provided when needed. Our staff is very cooperative and helps whenever you need it, we make you feel secure and comfortable.