Amid Mountains

Mountain Lessons

The Lessons are not always learnt inside 4 walls and under a roof, the mountains are bigger classrooms with no roofs at all. The learning are gracious and unforgettable because we learn them only after conquering the challenges. These life lessons will take you further in life by enhancing the way you are. Go on a trek away from city life in the serene environment and gain experiences.

 The Mountains Are Good Teachers

Adjust Without Complaints

On a Trek you live with no Luxuries but Necessities getting unexpected small things is the real happiness there, when you get a little facility it becomes a luxury there. The moment you dream to traverse a mountain then at the same moment you have to accept the associated challenges, the risks are a part of journey.

In the Wilderness you learn to adjust according to the situations, you don’t often change your clothes because you don’t have to be fashionable there, all you need to do is protect yourself against the cold and living in the chilly cold without bathing for days. All these things teach you to adjust accordingly.

Mountain Experience Adjust without Complaints

In the journey to be successful in anything all you need is patience and adjustment in some places with saying a word. Just think of the things which are small issues in the mountains why do they expand when you are at home? The reason is you are used to them and when you go out you learn to adjust which changes you as a person.

Enhances Team Spirit

If you have to achieve big then work together by forming a team and when every member is passionate to achieve then the activity becomes hundred times more exciting. In the Wilderness when a group treks together it is important to look after everybody so that no one is left behind. Helping each other becomes common, you all are there for every member of the group.

Sometimes it becomes important to keep someone else in the first place and help them even if it risks us. Everybody is treated with respect and it is important to do that to get respect in return. The trek teaches us to leave no one behind and work as a team and also improves the management.

Enhances Team Spirit Enhances Team Spirit

Nothing is Planned

We plan for the things and most of the time we get so busy in only planning things out that we don’t understand that time keeps running and all the plans are not going to work because the situations doesn’t remain same. Similarly the Mountains are also unpredictable they can change at any time.

In Adventure you get prepared and go for the things which are not known in search of success. Sometimes the weather gets harsh and you have to return but sometimes nothing happens and you complete your trek, you have no control over the things so you should let them flow.

Nothing Is planned Nothing Is planned

A trek prepares you for the unplanned things, they can be anything weather, snowfall, rainfall, incidents etc. As you can’t control all these things but can face them with confidence. Coping in this environment makes a person stronger physically and mentally. No one wants bad outcomes but the situations are not going to change what needs to be changed is our perception. Life cannot be planned completely so try to overcome instead of just thinking about the changes.

Live in The Present

Thinking about the future stressing out, leaving all the happiness of today for tomorrow’s. Is it ok to leave everything for the sake of future? People thinking of the past and future forget to live in the moment People study to get jobs, after getting jobs they seek for better job, never satisfied with their salaries once they are stable they start saving for their future and for their children. But when are you going to live? Are you always going to live in the future without living the moments?

By breaking this monotony when people go to mountains in search of peace then there they observe the peaks change their colour when the sun rays fall on them making them absolutely beautiful. In these moments you fall in love with them and do not even take out cameras to capture them because one blink and the sight would be vanished.

Himalayan Hikers Live In The Present

Living these moments in present is the real inner peace in the hustle and bustle of busy life, wait and live in the moment. Stop always thinking about the future else you would be missing the fun which life hides.

You Come Close to the Environment

When you spend days in the lap of Mother Nature it helps you in understanding its importance. The treasure it has given us cannot be repaid but we can maintain to preserve it. People harm the environment through some activities like littering waste, Bonfires, loud noises and music.

Trekking helps in better understanding of Nature and gets you close to it. The eco-friendly techniques and methods should not only be followed in mountains but also at home.

After a trek we come to know the importance of Water, Air, Land and other things. We stop other from harming the Nature and tell the techniques which can be used to preserve it. Whether the pollution occurs in the cities or in mountains, it harms all the places by global warming, melting glaciers etc.

mountain lessonMountain Lessons

Don’t Give Up

You should never keep “Giving Up” as an option because only those people succeed who have strong will power and never giving up attitude. The problems are for everyone but everybody deals differently, failures are a part of life some get successful and some unsuccessful but it doesn’t mean they didn’t try it just means they need more tries.

On high altitudes there is chilling cold in which a person has to survive, the terrains are rough, walking on heavy snow gets difficult but despite these challenges people complete the treks because the zeal and will power is always stronger than the challenges and they do not give up. Sometimes it gets very harsh but they don’t keep “giving up” as an option.

The more hardships you see the more you get satisfied after conquering because all the hard work pays off. It gets tough sometimes to make decisions on a trek or in life the negativity doesn’t last for long if you think with a strong mind. If you fail do not start underestimating yourself because one failure can’t decide someone’s future. Stay positive and keep trying until you succeed.

Don't Give Up
Mountains teach us more than we can ever learn from Books, the lessons learnt from here never go waste and last forever…

  • Go to the Mountains,
  • Take Chances,
  • Live Every Moment There,
  • Avoid the Fears,
  • And, Never Have Regrets.

Written by: – Tulika