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Kedarkantha – The Best Winter Trek

May 3, 2016

What Makes Kedarkantha the Best Winter Trek in Garhwal Himalayas?

This winter if you are looking for an extraordinary trek then you must go for Kedarkantha.

It lies at an altitude of 3,800 meters in Govind Wildlife Sanctuary of Uttarkashi District.

Heavy Snowfall

In winter this place receives heavy snowfall which is bliss and delight for trekkers, therefore it is the main attraction of Kedarkantha. The snowfall starts in the month of December and remains till April which attracts people across the globe.

So, this winter go this small snowland to encounter the sheets of snow.

kedarkantha_winterviewCan be done Throughout the year but is an extraordinary  “Winter Trek”

This trek has got different charms in different seasons. And, it is one of those rare treks where trekking can be done throughout the year. However, it’s a prominent winter trek! because of its pristine beauty in winters it is the most loved trek in Uttarakhand region.

The lofty mountains can be seen turning totally white making spectacular sights and the gorgeous wide meadows and verdant forests remains covered in the white sheet of snow.

Only few treks can be done throughout the year and Kedarkantha is one of them!

Spectacular sights

The lofty mountains welcome you and together glimmer from a distance. The panorama views offered from the summit are mind-boggling and are have pulchritude to leave you staring st them.

This easy to moderate trek has got splendid sights!


Therefore, spot Swargarohini – (I), (II), (III) (6300 meter) Bandarpunch peak (6316 meter), Black peak (6387 meter), Rupin & Supin valley, Baraadsar range, Kanasar Lake, Phulara ridge, Bali Pass and Sarutal.

Perfect forest clearings and undulating meadows

Such beautiful and surprising forest clearings and lavish meadows cannot be found on every trek. But, Kedarkantha has got some of the best ones! The meadows are wide and the surprising forest clearings will amaze you.

The most loved campsite on Kedarkantha trek is “Juda Ka Talab” is a wide forest clearing with a holy glacial lake which makes the sight picturesque.

Reviving climate

The fresh air and soothing climate are just enough to make you choose this trek. During winter season the trail remains covered in snow and adds adventure. So, taste the adventure and be at peace, get one in a lifetime experience on this trek.

kedarkantha camp

No risk

The Kedarkantha Trek is the safest one as it has very few risk factors. This trek doesn’t include river crossing or going through any landslide prone area which minimizes the risks.

To sum up in short, Kedarkantha is the best winter trek in Garhwal Himalayas!

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