Trekking in india

5 Top Himalayan Villages

Trekking in India

Trekking is not only about climbing the summit, traversing challenges and roaming in mountains. If we look deep in it, what we’ll find is, trekking is about exploring every possible thing; be it the inner self, outer world or the cultural beauty and unexplored hamlets of Himalayas.

Trekking in india

Trekking in India

Trekking in India is unmatched because here are, a number of treks in Uttarakhand, Himachal, Kashmir, Ladakh and Sikkim.

Trekking in india

INDIA is very popular because of the diverse cultures and traditions followed by the people. Arguably, it is the best place for people who love to explore the culture and lifestyle of Himalayas.

Surreal Beauty

Adventure enthusiasts, Avid Trekkers and Nature lovers would be aware of the base villages from where the Himalayan trek starts. The beauty is inexplicable, no words can completely describe the real beauty hiding in these small hamlets. It can only be revealed after the exploration!

The Journey Has Astounding Elements of Nature

It doesn’t matter, if you were not successful in climbing the peak when you gave your best. What matters is; how much you enjoyed the journey and how happy and satisfied you are!

Sometimes, “The journey is more beautiful than the destination”

Trekking in india

The journey has astounding elements of nature. And, the small man-made villages are a miracle on trek routes.

Every time I visit a village, one thing which always pops up in my mind is “Lucky people living in the tranquil ambience of the Himalayas” but at the same time I wonder “How tough it would be to live here”.

“A painter painted some aesthetic pictures and they turned real.”

These are some Himalayan Villages, which will surely make you wonder if the paintings really turned real.

5 Awe Inspiring Villages in The Indian Himalayas

Sankri – Kedarkantha Trek


First in the list is Sankri, base camp of more than 20 treks

Nestled in the lap of hills; away from cacophony of cities, Sankri is a small village in Uttarkashi district.

It is famous among trekking enthusiasts because it is the basecamp of more than 20 treks, lying in Garhwal Himalayas.

Some quaint wooden houses, sound of gushing Rivers Rupin and Supin, chirping of birds and sight of tall standing peaks, these all together makes Sankri a true wonderland.

The villagers wear their traditional dresses and heartily welcome the visitors, their smiling faces are enough to make the day go well.

OSLA – Har Ki Dun Trek


The villagers wear their traditional dresses and heartily welcome the visitors, their smiling faces are enough to make the day go well.

A picturesque unique quaint village in the “Valley of Gods”. Here is a temple of “Duryodhan” from Mahabharata, which is worshiped by the villagers and it is believed that he lived here.

This “Duryodhan temple” is made in ancient architecture which makes it the main attraction of Osla.

The houses are made in old style and people wear their traditional clothes made of sheep wool. Going to this village will surely give you an experience of the old lifestyle amid the mountains.

Jhaka Village – Rupin Pass Trek


A uniquely positioned village “Jhaka” is also known as the “Hanging village”. It lies at the extreme edge of a mountain cliff, which offers beguiling scenic views.

It is a good relief on the difficult terrain of Rupin Pass. Here is a multi-floored Kinnauri temple which shows a glimpse of rich Kinnauri culture.

From Dhara village, get hanging sight of Jhaka village, it was once a part of Dhara but after a landslide, it shifted to the cliff.

The abundant beauty of this village and rich heritage; their traditions and culture are a great combination which must be explored.

Sari – Deoriatal Chandrashila Peak Trek


Sari is a beautiful small village which offers the clearest sight of Chandrashila peak (summit). Witnessing the moon rise behind the top on a full moon night is the biggest achievement for a trekker.

Rhododendrons (Burans) can be found in abundance here, refreshing Rhododendron juice is made after crushing the flowers which is very good for health and cures Blood Pressure.

The village has colourful houses, wide fields, blooming alpine flowers, Himalayan birds and serene aura which are enough to win anybody’s heart.

Kibber – Kanamo Peak Trek

Kanamo peak

Spiti Valley has some of the most beautiful villages and the highest village ‘Kibber’ (4000 m) tops the list.

Lying amid high mountains in the barren land, all the houses are made of stone in unique style and follow the same pattern which looks incredible.

It is a fable for its ancient monasteries and wildlife sanctuary which attracts people all across the globe. The Chicham Bridge and Key Monastery are visited during the acclimatization hikes. Here is also a holy place where Dalai Lama’s teacher died in 1980’s.

Written by: – Tulika Negi